Whether you are currently working or studying, there are 2 things that can and will most probably get in the way of your success – deadlines and procrastination. Sadly, the first one is there to stay for a long time, but there is a sure way you can get ahead of latter one and finish your job on time! Just follow this simple formula.

Step 1: Choose a common working space

Having scattered working files can be the number one reason for your failed project .To prevent this from happening, create a master folder in your pCloud account with the name of your project. After that, break your work into parts with a separate subfolder for each task.

Step 2: Organize your team

You have your working place worked out! Now get your team together by inviting them to your master folder and assign them the appropriate levels of access. You can choose whether you want them to only view or change their files.

Step 3: Start collaborating

Usually, this is easier said than done. With pCloud Drive, though, your chances of successfully completing your project will go up. Start making progress to your files, on your favorite apps without taking up space from your PC.

Final step: Send for approval

After you’re done with everything on your project, take out your final papers and copy them to a separate folder. Invite your recipient and grant them a “View” type of access. This is convenient, because you will be able to make last minute changes without turning in late!

Allow pCloud to help you with the successful start of your next project! Save yourself time and beat any deadline that comes to you with our additional features and pCloud Business!