Last week we introduced our biggest update yet, with the arrival of pCloud Crypto for Mobile. Today, we’re taking the time to show you how you can use your Android or iOS device to ensure maximum protection for your files.

Setting up pCloud Crypto from your mobile device is really easy!

Your Crypto Folder has a separate section in the app’s left menu. When you tap on it, you will be provided with two options:

  • Try out the feature for a 14-day period

  • Subscribe for $3.99/month on an annual basis

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Now that you’ve chosen how you want to take advantage of your Crypto Folder, input a special passphrase called a “Crypto pass”. You will use it later on as a key to locking and accessing your files. It is very important that you create a secure Crypto pass and a smart hint. A strong combination will ensure an additional layer of security to your files.

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After you’ve decided on your Crypto pass and hint, confirm you want to proceed. When you do that, your Crypto Folder will be activated. Note here that you should NOT close the app before the calculation process is finished.[spacer height=”20px”]

That’s all there is to it! Now you have a client-side encrypted folder. No one, even we as your storage provider will be able to view and access the file names, types and contents you store. pCloud’s zero-knowledge privacy guarantees that your data stays 100% confidential, 24/7! 2015-08-12 17-32-50 ea370865 (2)

Ready to protect your files? Try pCloud Crypto for desktop and mobile now!