We use passwords all the time, be it to log into our Facebook profile, LinkedIn account or pCloud. We also, however, tend to underestimate the power of a good combination. That is why we wrote down a simple checklist you can use to find out if your password is strong enough to be effective.

  • Are you using a passPHRASE or a passWORD?

There is a difference! Although both serve the same purpose, passphrases have been considered a better option.  The reason is simple!

They are generally longer than passwords and are harder to crack.

  • Does your passphrase contain $ymb0lS and Numb3rs?

If not, you may want to throw some in. Even though complexity is overestimated, it is still a very important part of a strong passphrase. And while you’re at it, you can add uppercase letters to make it even stronger.

checklist for secure password with pCloud

  • Is your passphrase a random sequence of words?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “random” when we’re speaking of the human mind. Why?  Because language is predictable. Try using word generators or other physical means to make the order of your sequence as random as possible.

  • How long exactly is your passphrase?

One of the myths surrounding secure passwords is that complexity can guarantee you a secure combination. Recent studies have shown, however, that effective sequences range from 12 characters above.

  • Are you using a strong hint?

Your hint should NOT contain parts of your passphrase! Try thinking of something that will logically lead you to remember.

Note here that followed separately, these points won’t guarantee you a strong combination. It is important you check all before you insert your password next time.

Like any other secure combination out there, your Crypto Pass shouldn’t also be underestimated. It is a significant part of the encryption key, so a strong sequence will ensure you get an additional layer of protection. If your Crypto Pass is compatible with the above mentioned points, you can be sure that your combination is strong.

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