pCloud is a great place where you can work with your team, at full privacy. That is why, this week we’ve prepared a list of interesting facts you need to know before creating you next shared folder.

#1 Want to collaborate? Press “Invite to folder”

pCloud has 3 ways with which you can share files with friends and colleagues. When you’re preparing a shared folder, you should choose “Invite to folder” from the tool bar.

#2 It’s called fair sharing!

So you’re ready to share your first folder, awesome! What’s even better – any file that is added or modified by your team will take space ONLY from YOUR quota. Your folder, your space.

#3 You can choose the level of access your teammates get!

When you’re sharing a folder, you can choose between two permission levels. View will give your collaborators a “Read only” freedom with your files.

With Edit, they will be able to add, edit and delete your shared data. Be careful with the rights you give to each user!

pCloud Business offers an additional level of access for team members – Manage. It allows full control plus resharing options.

#4 You can track any file change!

You will receive notifications whenever someone adds, edits and removes a file from your shared folder. Convenient, right?

#5 Someone incidentally deleted important files? Restore them.

Things like that happen – someone unintentionally removes the wrong file. Every document your collaborator deletes from your shared folder will arrive in your pCloud Trash folder. As a result, you will be able to restore it from pCloud’s web version in a 30-day period. For premium users, this time is extended to 180 days.

#6 You like a previous version of your files more? Don’t worry, you still have it!

pCloud keeps track of all the changes you have made to your files. If you want to see an older version of the document you’re currently working on, go to my.pcloud.com and choose Revision from the Gear wheel menu.

Now that you know these simple facts, your next collaboration with a shared folder is bound to be a success. Ready to start your next team project with pCloud? Download the latest version of our app for desktop, mobile and web!