Remember that time when we announced  $20,000 Hacking Challenge? Then you might just want to see what comes next!

That’s right, folks! The pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge we announced back in late September returns with a second round and an increased prize fund of $100,000.

So what happened in Round 1?

Hackers seem to like us! For the past 90 days, 2,250 participants tested their skills but in the end, no one managed to break into our pCloud Crypto. The majority of people taking part in the Challenge came from the U.S. – 19.91%, followed by India – 11.29%, Great Britain – 9.48% and Portugal – 6.30%. If you’re curious about what everyone failed to decrypt, you can see for yourself as we’re giving away the long-awaited Crypto Pass:

Round 1 pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge crypto pass


Account credentials from Challenge, Round 1:
Password: Crypt0Ch@11enge

Why should I take part in Round 2?

The fame, the glory, the prize and the thought that you have helped make pCloud Crypto even better! We’re confident that we have done a good job with our client-side encryption system, and so does the Norwegian IT security company, Mnemonic. However, we want to go further and let you be the judge of our efforts.

The rules of the game are still the same:

1) Hack the Crypto Folder we’re going to give you access to

2) Find what’s inside

3) Send it to us at in a decrypted form along with your hacking approach

And get them 100K!

Note here that participants from Round 1 will automatically receive an email with the new credentials for the challenge. All new enthusiasts, however, can join the fun by registering from our Crypto Hacking Challenge page.

We’ll be happy to take anyone up for a good competition in file security. Join our challenge now and beat client-side encryption!