How Sync makes sure you work offline with pCloud Drive

Raise your hand if you take some of your work with you when you leave the office. We all do that, whether we’re going on vacation, on a business trip or just commuting back home. It’s a challenge not to peak into your inbox, or do a little bit of work the night before and optimize your schedule for the next day. Yet, it’s not always the case that we have a Wi-Fi connection to back our plans for the day. Especially when we’ve already opened our laptop from the nearby café or park.

Just like any other interruption, failing Internet connection can hinder our productivity and limit our access to resources. Luckily, if you happen to be in a similar situation, where you have to finish a report, blog post or presentation on the go, we have a pretty good solution.

Today we talk about the mystery behind Sync in pCloud Drive and how it makes your files available for offline work.

Imagine you’re on a business trip and you have to make some quick changes to the presentation you were working on a while ago. However, since you’re about to catch a flight, Wi-fi is one of your major problems. You can either:

A: Wait to arrive in your hotel room and finish your presentation there (that is, if you have the time)


B: Sync the file you are working on and make the final changes on board with pCloud.

One of the things that make pCloud convenient is that your files can be in your bag, whenever you need them. Even when Internet connection is scarce.


Usually, if you have a cloud storage app on your phone and PC, you would find that you have the same files on both apps. That’s because, technically, your content’s in the same place – in the cloud. However, any file that you have locally on your PC, for example, wouldn’t be synced unless you move it directly. That’s why we made Sync. We took the concept of always having your files with you, one step further.  Back to our example, if your presentation is saved locally, and you have synced it with pCloud Drive you can still have it on all your devices. There’s one additional perk though – it will be available offline as well.


Sync allows you to you to choose folders from your PC and have them available on all devices. The plus side of this method is that, even if you have no Wi-Fi, pCloud Drive will remember your changes and sync them when Internet get back. That’s because it uses the cache storage you agreed upon when installing pCloud Drive to temporarily download your locally synced content.


Sync is easy to activate. You’ll only need to download pCloud Drive before going offline. Once you do that, right-click on any folder you want to sync locally and confirm the location.

How to sync your files with pCloud

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