Premium Plus plan now twice as better | The pCloud BlogAt pCloud, we love giving, sharing and making people happy & productive. This is why we have decided to tweak our plans in a way that gives even more.

As of September 1, our Premium Plus plan is now not twice, but four times better than Premium – but it’s price remains as competitive as it was before.

Up until now, Premium Plus users could take advantage of 1 TB storage and 1 TB download link traffic. We have now doubled these parameters, and the plan comes with 2 TB storage & 2 TB download link bandwidth allowance.

Two terabytes are quite an abstract thing to imagine, we know. Let’s convert this into “currencies” easier to understand. Here is what you can fit into a 2 TB storage:

  • 500,000+ songs
  • 3,000+ movies
  • 1+ million pictures
  • 170 million pages of text

Let’s say you have an iPhone with 64 GB of memory space. That’s not too much, is it? Now imagine you have the pCloud app installed with a Premium Plus account active. The memory of your phone is automatically bumped to 64 + 2048 GB, or 2112 GB of storage.

Do you have any idea how many pictures you can store on your phone? How many hours of video? A LOT. That’s how much. Instead of a good, old iPhone, you now have a tiny monster device in your pocket.

But it’s not just your phone memory that is expanded so much because you can access that same memory from a desktop computer or a laptop as well. Your entire digital life is everywhere you need it to be.

Of course, you may not need that much space – then you can always get a Premium plan and enjoy 500 GB to store your photos, music playlists, videos and documents.

We do, however, recommend the Premium Plus option. The first of the reasons is quite obvious – Premium Plus gives you 4 times more at a price only twice higher and definitely get more value for your money.

The other reason, however, is easier to overlook. It was less than 10 years ago when we thought 256 megabytes was massive storage (I mean, seriously? Megabytes? That’s insane!). A couple of years ago 50 gigabytes seemed a pretty sweet deal. That’s the thing – technology changes and lets us generate more and more content, and we need a bigger virtual “closet” to store it. We’re guessing that in a couple of more years, 2 terabytes would be a standard, and we will aim at petabytes instead.

In other words, even if you don’t have enough to fill 2 TB right now, you probably will in the very near future, so a Premium Plus one is a pretty good investment. Go ahead and get yours now!

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