Whether you’re a professional with sensitive data to protect or a casual internet user, it’s important to have a secure password manager. A password manager is a software application that helps you create unique passwords, store and use them for all your online accounts. pCloud Pass helps you keep your passwords secure and provides you with instant access to them on all of your devices. With pCloud Pass, there’s no need to type in long, complicated passwords or paste them from vulnerable places like emails or chats! You can log in to sites and fill out forms securely with just a single click.

How secure is pCloud Pass?

Looking for a truly encrypted password manager? Look no further than pCloud Pass! When it comes to online security, you can never be too careful. That’s why we created pCloud Pass, the most secure password manager on the market! Our military-grade encryption ensures that your passwords are always safe and sound, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your passwords are in good hands.

Privacy by design

pCloud Pass was designed to be private and secure. With our zero-knowledge privacy approach, the data you save gets encrypted on your device and only you can decrypt it with your Master Password. We do not have access to the data you save, and we do not use, share or sell it to anyone.


pCloud Pass uses client-side encryption to ensure your data is protected from all kinds of attacks. This means that everything you save gets encrypted on your device before it’s uploaded to the pCloud servers. The service uses AES and elliptic curves (specifically elliptic curve  ) for encryption. Your Master Password is secured with 256-bit AES encryption. It is used along with PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2) to generate a private key, which is encrypted using AES ECB (16-bit). All the items you save in pCloud Pass are secured using AES CTR encryption and HMACSHA256 keyed hash algorithm.

Your first steps with pCloud Pass

Add Your Passwords

It takes a minute to import your passwords from Chrome, Firefox, or any password manager to pCloud Pass. The option is available from the pCloud Pass browser extension, desktop app, and from pass.pcloud.com.

Or you can add your passwords manually:

  • Open pCloud Pass
  • Select Add > Password
  • Enter your login details and save

Protect more than just passwords

You can also keep your credit card details and notes secure! pCloud Pass allows you to save unlimited notes and credit card details. Add your payment card details and fill them automatically as you shop online. Save any idea, document ID, list, etc. as a note in a place with zero-knowledge privacy.


Add your passwords

Use pCloud Pass on all your devices

If you’re fed up with trying to remember a million different passwords or constantly having to copy and paste them from insecure sources, then pCloud Pass is the solution for you. With pCloud Pass, you can log in to sites and fill out forms with a single click – no more fiddling around with long, complicated passwords.

Keep your passwords and personal data protected on all your devices. pCloud Pass is available for desktop, mobile, and as a browser extension.

You can get:

  • pCloud Pass Browser Extension: Make your browsing experience more secure. Save and automatically fill your passwords and credit card details securely.
  • pCloud Pass for Desktop: Access and manage everything you save in pCloud Pass from your laptop. The desktop app is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • pCloud Pass for Mobile: Always have your passwords on hand. Log in to websites with a single tap and use the password generator to make your passwords more secure.


Download pCloud Pass

Log In Without Entering a Password

pCloud Pass can automatically save your passwords and card details and suggest them to you later as you browse. Use the pCloud Pass browser extension to automatically log in to the websites you use daily and fill online forms with a single click. Add pCloud Pass as your default browser extension and enjoy a more convenient browsing experience.


Get The Extension


Organize Your Passwords

We know that you have a lot of passwords. In fact, you probably have too many passwords. But with pCloud Pass, you’ll be able to organize all of your new and existing passwords by categories. For example, you will be able to sort out all of your work credentials in one place tagged as ‘’work’’. You can either use our default tags or create your own. 



What’s Next On Our Roadmap?

🌐 Safari extension (iOS, macOS)
The Safari Extension will help you generate stronger passwords for any website. And even better, with the autofill, you will log into any of your accounts with a single click.

🗑️ Restore deleted passwords
Introducing the pCloud Trash folder! Whenever you delete a password from your vault, it’s automatically moved to your trash folder. From there, you can either recover or permanently delete them – ensuring that your passwords are never accidentally lost from your accounts.

📄 Saving your documents will get a lot easier
We know how it’s important to stay organized and have all of your valuable documents, like passport, ID, covid certificate, etc. at your fingertips. That’s why we’re going to introduce a new feature that allows you to save images. You can access them anytime, anywhere – without having to worry about losing them or them being stolen.

📤 Password sharing
We know that you want to share your Netflix, Spotify, or YouTube credentials with some of your friends. And soon you will be able to do that in a secure way with pCloud Pass. With this new feature, you will be able to share a single password or a whole category with whomever you choose.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 pCloud Pass Family and pCloud Pass for Business
Introducing pCloud Pass for family accounts and businesses with multiple users.