HUGE NEWS: A new service just came out

Тhe Wait is Оver… It’s time to explore and see what we worked on

On our Birthday, we just announced ed the launch of pCloud Pass

Welcome our NEW service – pCloud Pass, which combines powerful security and a simple interface.

Trust us, it’s an entirely new way to protect your valuable data and passwords online.

Did you know that on average 1 million passwords are stolen every week? No one wants to be a part of this statistic!

With pCloud Pass, now you can go ahead and forget all of your passwords and leave them to our care.

Features You’ll Love

The Power of Security: Military-grade security client-side encryption, only you know the key to it

Bring pCloud Pass everywhere: accessible via desktop, mobile, web app & extension on any device

Password generation: generate strong and secure passwords using a built-in generator

Biometric unlock: unlock the password manager using biometrics (face, fingerprints), instead of the Master Password

Easy import: all your passwords can be imported in seconds

Protect Much More: Credit Cards, Notes and Web Passes

Seamless Sync: No device limit, all of your passwords are available across all of your devices, anywhere and anytime

Autofill: Login to all your favorite websites or apps in seconds


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What’s Next On Our Roadmap?

🗑️ Restore deleted passwords
Introducing the pCloud Trash folder! Whenever you delete a password from your vault, it’s automatically moved to your trash folder. From there, you can either recover or permanently delete them – ensuring that your passwords are never accidentally lost from your accounts.

📄 Saving your documents will get a lot easier
We know how it’s important to stay organized and have all of your valuable documents, like passport, ID, covid certificate, etc. at your fingertips. That’s why we’re going to introduce a new feature that allows you to save images. You can access them anytime, anywhere – without having to worry about losing them or them being stolen.