New version of pCloud app for iOS

This week we released version 1.21.0 of our mobile app for iOS and boy, is it sleek! Just when we think that the app literally can’t get any better, the boys and girls from our Product development and iOS teams come up with functionalities that are awe-some. Here’s what they did this time.

Free up space on your device with just one tap

The Automatic Upload functionality of our iOS app now includes a new feature: the option to delete the photos and videos already uploaded to the cloud. On top of that, it takes a single tap to do so!

If you’re an iPhone user, you know how quickly it fills up (unless you are our co-worker Ivan who never seems to run out of space on his 16 GB phone). When you enable the Automatic Upload, though, you can go ahead and delete pictures and videos from our Camera Roll with a peace of mind – you know they’re stored safely in your pCloud account.

Up until now, however, you had to do this manually – photo by photo, video by video. Hard manual labour, right? No more!

Open the pCloud app and go to “Settings” >> “Automatic Upload”. Scroll down and tap on “Free up device storage”. The app will ask you to confirm and when you do, all the pics and movies that you have uploaded will be moved to the trash folder of your iPhone. See it in action:

pCloud app for iOSThe last thing you need to do is go to the phone’s trash (go to your Camera Roll and look for the “Recently Deleted” folder) and clear it manually – or just leave the files in the trash, they’ll be permanently deleted in 30 days.

Voila! Your selfies are now safely backed up in the cloud, and you have more storage on your iPhone. You’re welcome.

Library picker shows now displays albums too

Up until now, when you tried to upload files to pCloud from your device’s library, you could only pick the files from the Camera Roll. We have now changed this so you can actually see your content by folders (as organized on your phone).

We know, it’s nothing world-changing, but it’s definitely make it easier for you to upload, organize and share your files. Here is how it works:


Your Trash folder is now accessible through the mobile app

Before this update, the pCloud Trash folder could be accessed via the only. This has now changed and we have added a little trash bin icon in the app.

You can empty the app’s trash or restore one file or everything you’ve deleted. You can restore your files either one by one, or altogether. Like that:


pCloud app for iOS

Another improvement connected to the Trash folder is that Premium and Business users can now restore files that were deleted more than 24 hours ago. (If you are a Free plan user, though, you can only restore files that were deleted within the last 24 hours, unless you upgrade your account.)

You don’t have a Premium plan yet? Purchase one today and you’ll expand the storage of your phone by 2 TB!

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