With our latest update, you can now find pCloud in your sandbox, whenever you need to attach a photo, video or any other awesome file you have. You’re welcome.



A few days ago, we rolled out pCloud 1.18.0 for iOS. Our biggest improvement is that now, all of you iPhone users out there will see pCloud in your sandbox when you need to send an email attachment or just want to upload a file somewhere.


How is this possible? It’s simple, we are now compliant with the iOS document picker. That’s why, if your app supports it, pCloud will appear as an option from where to choose photos, videos and documents for an attachment.


What is so special about the iOS document picker?

There are so many awesome apps out there that can help you create, save and share awesome content like photos, videos and more. That’s why the guys from Apple designed the iOS document picker – a nifty little tweak from iOS 8 that expands the options you get when using different apps from your iPhone. Said in another way, the document picker lets you select documents from outside your app’s sandbox. When you’re emailing someone and you want to attach a photo, video or something else, you can no longer do it just from iCloud or preinstalled apps. You get the freedom of choice and pCloud as an option as of now.



Here’s how:




You’re sending an email with your favorite photos to a friend? You can now attach the photo directly from pCloud. Need to upload a video using Safari, you can choose pCloud as a place from where to upload. Our new improvement will appear in all apps that support the iOS document picker.

If you haven’t tried pCloud for iOS already, download the app and have all your photos, videos and documents anywhere you go, any time.