This week, we give you a bit more information on why a cloud storage app is really good for your phone!

Let’s talk about smartphones, who doesn’t love them. Whether we like it or not, they have become a very important part of our daily routine. Hard to believe? Try leaving your phone in your bag for the whole day and you will see what we mean. We create selfies for Instagram, 4K videos for our friends, we download reports and other documents for preview when we’re on the road and others. With this in mind, last week, our team had a discussion on exactly how fast can a user fill up an average smartphone? Turns out – less than a year, which is shocking!

That’s why we created an infographic with some interesting statistics and our opinion on the matter:

*Click to enlarge


How fast do you fill up your phone? We would like to know your opinion!

If you’re looking for the right cloud storage app for your phone, you can always try pCloud for Android and iOS and have all of your files, anywhere you go!