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Cyber Security and IoT devices

The technological revolution is at its peak. While web-focused services are fighting for the users’ attention and time, cyber-security experts and solution providers are striving to deliver the highest standards of protection to one’s personal information and credentials.

People are connected all over the world, while the number of IoT devices reaches unspeakable numbers for the yearly 2023. There are more than 3 billion online devices on a daily basis. Imagine if only 10% of those devices had their security compromised… The results would be devastating not only for the users but for the service providers as well.

Businesses are transforming and adapting rapidly to Global Digitalization. There isn’t a single field that has not been touched by Digitalization. This has led to the occurrence of new terms such as Telemedicine. Keeping clients’ / patient data secure and unbreachable is of crucial importance, keeping in mind how important it is to keep such data confidential at all costs.

Having good cyber security procedures and Digital protection is a must while using secure and difficult-to-crack passwords is something every IoT user can control on their own, provided that they have the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve this goal.

Below you can see the time required for a very strong machine and an experienced hacker to crack your password:

Read until the end, to find out how pCloud’s Free Online Password Checker can help you protect your most valuable asset- your information, and most confidential data, protected, by setting up the best possible passwords, corresponding to the latest requirements and cyber security trends.


 Mindset when creating a Password

The emergence of Digitalization led to an increase in security breaches and password hacking. Social Engineers- a seemingly new, but rather old “profession” became something that most cyber-security professionals fear or take into account when assisting large enterprises. 

In previous years, before the last Technological revolutions, Social Engineers acted more like infiltrators, aiming to collect valuable information about companies or personal data, by expensing the company’s biggest weakness- their employees. 

Unaware employees would receive seemingly valid emails or contact requests from people they perceive as familiar. It was reported that the best Social Engineers could gimmick the role of a co-worker while asking for confidential data or credentials, justifying that they forgot them.

Keep in mind that every single person on the planet, who has been touched by the Internet of Things, surely has their Digital persona or records in what is now called Web 3.0. Behavioral patterns, interests, friends, hobbies, and even purchase preferences leave digital footprints which are valuable tools for hackers or “Social Engineers”. They can dive deep into one’s digital mindset and replicate their Digital Persona with an impeccable resemblance. 

Facebook has been struggling with this notion for the last 5 years, experiencing an 87% increase in account hacking reports or security violations. This might not be the greatest example, considering that all information is already presented willingly by the user within that social platform, but it is a clear indicator of a threatening cyber security trend.

What is a Strong Password?

We at pCloud have always been focused on robust security and unbreakable Encryption. Users have nothing to worry about when it comes to file protection and the way data is securely encrypted on pCloud, the cloud storage service. The same is valid in full force with the Password Manager- the latest product to which pCloud’s Encryption was expanded.

However, one must always take full responsibility for their credentials and their protection. Let’s not forget that just forgetting your Laptop unlocked could already expose your personal information to danger. 

This is why pCloud has researched the highest in-demand requirements for a strong password, complying with the latest cyber security trends. We have recently conducted a very compelling and detailed interview with a Cyber Security expert, which you can read here.

Below are all the criteria you should always take into consideration during Password creation:

Start Making Strong Passwords

Thank you for sticking up until this far. It is now time for you to check the stability and strength of your personal Password.

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With our password manager, you can rest assured that your passwords and digital identity are protected by the latest encryption and security technology, allowing you to focus on what really matters: using the internet with peace of mind.


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