It’s that time again – the time to collect photos from your friends, get all the annual leave applications and more and more files.

A few days ago, I finally moved into a new apartement, and guess how much paperwork this little joy of mine caused. I was literally on a goose chace for real-estate contracts, water and electricity bill IDs, protocols and other types of documents.

Unfortunately, collecting files is a not-so-cool part of our daily routine, especially when we’re in “hurry-up” mode.

Upload links – like ordering takeout, but instead you’re requesting files

Upload links are unique links to your folders at pCloud, which give your friends, your coworkers, or your landlord the freedom to put files there. It’s the perfect alternative for file requests, because you just paste the Upload link to a specific folder in a text message and your recipient has to do the rest. It’s completely free, your friends don’t need to have a pCloud account and you don’t have to give a tip. (takeaway pun intended).

Curiously enough, Upload links are also how I collected all my real-estate documents without moving a finger past my working desk.

Creating an Upload link is simple

It’s super simple to create an Upload link to a folder in your pCloud account.

  1. Go into my.pCloud and choose a folder
  2. Click on Share and then Share Upload link
  3. Voala! Now, you’re one step closer to collect all the files you’re hunting for

In case you’re wondering…

…how NOT to get spammed by thousands of files from your Upload links, you can easily add some tweaks like setting up an expiration date and a limit on how much your friends can upload.

  1. Go into my.pCloud and find the folder you’re sharing
  2. From the Share dropdown menu, click Share Upload link
  3. Click on the “Settings” tab in the pop-up window that appears

Settings is where you’ll find some extra options to personalize your Upload link. This includes adding an Expiration date, if you’re collecting time-sensitive information like reports from your students, or Upload limit, which is perfect when you’re expecting larger files than what your pCloud account can handle at the moment.

Upload links are what you need in your life? Try them out now along with some of pCloud’s other seamless sharing options.

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