We are all creators- in one way or another, but we have somehow forgotten that.

Of course some of us are born with aptitudes for computers or science, others with good physical skills, and others with a sense of art or design, but we all have this inner creativity buried deep inside. In terms of talents we are all different, and how much we achieve in life depends on our practice and luck (maybe), but we all have our own potential.

Searching for a way to revive our innate creative muse is a well-known state for all kinds of artists. In fact more often than not, we tend to become desperate over our creativity. What if no ideas come to mind? Or our creative juices hit us at the most inappropriate moment? What if your muse appears in all its splendor and a few moments later just vanishes? Or if it visits you only when you are enamoured?

Stop looking for your muse. Or go a step further- fire it. Accept that all you need to create a piece of art is already within you, and don’t wait for a spiritual enlightenment or supernatural power to sparkle your imagination.

Let’s imagine you are a musician, and you have a band, or simply you love playing a guitar. Now, how do you create your own piece of music? I’ve been looking for some practical advices for creativity, and I am excited to share some of the best tips for musicians with you:

#1 Forget about editing in the beginning of the process:

A lot of composers share that their best ideas come to mind either late at night or just before falling asleep. What happens when you fall asleep? Your conscious mind gets turned off, and you are entering the subconscious. There is no judgement here. No rejection of ideas, no editing and see where it takes you.

The biggest obstacle all creatives face is their own inner critique. So, forget about editing and just write down or record anything that comes to your mind. Anything, no exception! Without expectations and disappointment. Just start

#2 Be open for rejection

Again and again. One of the biggest difficulties for every creative mind is rejection, mostly because artistic people are known for being much more sensitive. However, if you want to share your art with the world, prepare to be rejected – multiple times, over and over again. Get ready that your ideas won’t be accepted, and many people won’t like your art. Face rejection with dignity, as this is part of the journey. Don’t forget that sometimes the ideas you trust the least will be liked, and the most sophisticated ones won’t.

#3 Foster your inner child’s curiosity.

We all know that children are really creative and inventive. What do they do? They climb, they crawl under the table, they hide in the wardrobe, they play with bugs. They are merely led by excitement and curiosity, and they always discover the world from a different perspective. Last, but not least. Their mind is not full of thinking errors and convictions like- No, I can’t do this. No one has made them believe these lies yet.
Don’t sit on the sofa, sit on the ground,on the table or just change the room. This could shift your perspective. Yes, you can try the bathroom floor as well.

#4 Learn to collaborate with others

It’s a vital part of the creative process. Find someone you trust and admire, and exchange ideas, thoughts. Somebody who will challenge you, and whose opinion you are opened to accept. I know all creatives have a vulnerable ego, but when another person is part of the game, you won’t be limited to your own experience and perspective.

#5 Transfer your music ideas

The next step, after you find someone is to actually share your idea. You can do so by sharing a folder with your mate(s).

Shared folders allow you to work on files with other pCloud users. You choose what type of access you can give. The only thing you need to do is

1) Put all your creative thoughts into a pCloud folder
2) Click Share > Invite to folder
3) Enter your friend’s email address and set access levels

Hit send and they’ll have an invitation waiting in their inbox. Your friends will be able to stream your files from every device directly from the pCloud app. No additional plugins required. Create your own music playlists and share them. Simple as that.

#6 Accept your flaws and failures

Expect making mistakes while you learn, and embrace failure- it can be the best teacher you will ever have, although the lessons are expensive. Master your skill, and don’t stop practicing.

#7 Fuel your imagination with the art of others

Don’t wait to fall in love to be creative. This might take a while. Instead, start looking for the art around you- photography, reading, movies, music, theatre, anything. Listen to what others have to say. Learn from the best.

Now, you don’t need a muse anymore. All you need is to start.

Author: Kristina Valcheva
Kristina is the newest addition to the pCloud team.