Branding is the impression you leave on your audience after they see your work. It only takes 7 seconds to make a strong first impression, so you might as well make it count, right?

Whether you’re an aspiring web designer, a wedding photographer or a freelance music producer, your personal brand plays a vital role when it comes to standing out and gaining a competitive edge. The right branding approach allows you to bring the most effective message that your audience can easily identify. People embrace familiar images and brand elements.

Now, you can express your unique style and professionalism when you share files with others. Branding allows you to customize the Download links you share with others and keep track of who views and downloads.

A Download link is the easiest way to share large files with someone. You can generate a Download link for a single file, for a bunch of files or folders and it will give other people download permissions to this content.

When you turn on Branding, you can add and customize:

  • Title image – it will appear at the top. You can use it as a placeholder for your brand’s logo, featured image for your photo album, or an album cover for your latest mixtape
  • Headline – helps you define what the content you share is all about, or a caption
  • Description – you can use it to tell your story, add your contact information and make it your business card.

These branding elements will appear in your Download link, making it a Branded link. You can apply Branding for all the Download links you share. If there’s a Branded link you’d like to customize with a different image or caption, you can use Custom Branding.

How to enable General Branding:
General Branding is like adding your business card to all your Download links, adding a personal touch:

1) Go to my.pCloud and log in your account
2) Open Download links > Branding (sidebar)
3) Enable Branding and add your branding elements

Clicking Save will apply these branding elements to all your Branded links.

How to enable Custom Branding:
If you want to change the Title image, Headline or Description for a particular Branded link:

1) Open my.pCloud and log in your account
2) Find the link from Download links > Links and open the Branding menu
3) Choose “Custom” from the Branding dropdown menu
4) Change any of the branding elements and Save

The changes you made will apply only for that particular Branded link.