Data loss occurs more often than you think. A recent survey reveals that almost 65% of consumers have experienced data loss in 2018 – a whooping 31% spike compared to last year.

With World Backup Day right around the corner, now’s the time to refresh your backup strategy. Here’s where to start!

We store photos and videos on our phone, we sync business notes and documents between our office and personal laptop and we keep 24/7 access our files. It’s safe to assume that our digital life means to us as much as our physical well-being.

Have you ever lost a phone or had a hard drive crash? If you live in the UK, you most probably have. It turns out that on average 183 phones are stolen in the UK, per year. This year’s World backup day survey from Acronis reveals a 31% spike in consumer data loss.

For the first time, however, nearly all surveyed consumers (92.7 percent) confirmed that they are backing up their devices – an increase of more than 24.1 percent from last year and the single largest year-over-year increase:

  • 62.7 % of consumers back up their data to a local external hard drive
  • Only 37.4 % user the cloud, or a hybrid approach to protect their file

Despite the fact that more consumers are embracing data backup as a way to keep files protected, backup strategies need improvement. In honor of the upcoming World Backup Day this Sunday, we’ve prepared a couple ot tips and tricks on how to review and refresh your backup strategy, and make sure no data loss occurs in your life:

#1 Check whether you’re working with up-to-date software

Relying on an outdated OS or app means it lacks the bug fixes and security patches that keep your data safe. That’s why keeping automatic updates ON for the services you use the most is a good call in any case.

#2 Check whether your backups are automatic and running

You need your information to be backed up all the time. Keeping your digital life organized and on track can be tedious. Unless you are a super organized human being (for which we admire you) and don’t forget to set up reminders to back up your information on the regular.

Automatic Upload creates automatic backups of your photos and videos from your smartphone. Every new photo and video you take with your mobile device will instantly be save in pCloud. You’ll also be able to access the same photos and videos from your computer, as long as you have pCloud Drive installed.

#3 Invest in solid file recovery options

No matter how organized and prepared you are, you probably know the pain of accidentally deleting an important file. Investing in a service or options for advanced file recovery will definitely save you time and nerves.

If you have photos, videos or documents in pCloud, you can easily recover them, in case they are infected with malware, or you accidentally delete them. pCloud Rewind is like a time machine for your files. You can use it to travel back up in the past and recollect photos, videos, documents and shared content that was changed over time or deleted at one point.  You can even bring back your entire pCloud account to how it was up to 30 days ago.

Having your data secure in our digital world is a must. The world backup day is a friendly reminder that accidents do happen unexpectedly and it’s time you take care of the information you depend on. More than 30% of people would risk to go on without any additional backup. Do you really want to take this risk, especially when so many options to backup your data are available?