Download link stats - everything you need to know about your links at pCloud

You shared your CV and portfolio to the HR manager of that company you really want to get into. You sent over some design materials you finished  yesterday evening and you want to know if your client has already seen them. You’ve shared your new mixtape with your audience and you’re wondering how’s that working out for you.

There are so many times when we want to keep track of what is happening with the files we’re sharing. Just some insights for the right things – like the Download link stats.

At pCloud, we’re always doing our best to make sure you know what is happening with your shared files. One such example are the Download link stats.

The Download stats are the perfect way to check who is interested in the files you’re sharing. They provide you with more information on who opened, viewed or downloaded the content you’re sharing and how much Download link traffic you’ve used up for the purpose. From there on, it’s easy to find out whether your CV has been received, and your design materials – downloaded.

Individual Download link stats

Go into my.pCloud and click on the Download links>Links.

Links is a subsection, which will show a list of all the files and folders you’ve shared with a Download link. Find the file you want to check out and click on the Stats icon.

You’ll immediately get insights on:

  • Who has viewed your files (if you have shared your Download link via email)

pCloud Individual Download link stats

  • How many times have your files been downloaded or viewed

Usage stats for Individual Download links at pCloud

  • How much Download link traffic you have used for these files

Download link traffic stats

Go into my.pCloud and click on the Download links>Statistics.

Statistics is an overview of your overall Download link activity. More specifically – it shows you a list of the most popular files you shared with a Download link and how much Download link traffic you have left.


Download link traffic stats and top popular links


Checking Links and Statistics, you’ll easily be able to easily monitor the files you’re sharing with a Download links. Currently, you can check your Download link stats from my.pCloud and directly from pCloud’s mobile app.


Adding to Download link stats, you’ll also receive a notification every week with a report on your most popular Download links! There are a lot more things you can do to customize your Download links, like setting up password-protection or assigning an expiration date.

Want to take advantage of these awesome features?

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