Monitor how your Download links are performing, directly from your iPhone with our awesome new pCloud app update!

Work these days doesn’t come on your desk ONLY. From brainstorming meetings to sending reports and sharing projects or notes with your team on the go, our phones are most often the weapon of choice for these daily battles.

That’s why we made keeping track of your sharing activity in pCloud easier and more transparent! Now, you can get detailed statistics on who viewed, downloaded or opened your Download links in a snap!

Imagine you’re sending some lecture notes to your colleagues from university and you want to know how many have actually seen and downloaded your files. Now, it’s easier than ever to check all that from your phone, with a few taps!

What kind of stats can I get?

Download link stats are a nifty way to check whether the file you shared has reached the right people. You’ll see a couple of helpful sections that give an overall idea how many times your file was downloaded and whether your recipient has opened it. You can get information, ranging from:

  • When have you shared this file for the first time
  • Have the people, with whom you shared this file actually seen it
  • How many times has your file been downloaded
  • How much Download link traffic has this file used up from your monthly quota
  • How many times has your file been seen

Going back to our example, after you check your Download link stats, you’ll know who exactly viewed and downloaded your lecture notes. You’ll also be able to remove the link, if you believe that it has reached more than enough people.

How does it work?

You can choose any file you shared and monitor its sharing activity. It only takes a few taps on your screen:

#1 Open the pCloud app and go to My links

If you’re curious, My links is where you can find a list of all of the photos, videos, other files or folders you have shared with through a Download link.


#2 Find the link you want to check and tap on the More Options icon

You can select files and folders – you’ll still get your detailed stats!

#3 Enjoy detailed stats for each one of the files you shared!

Track and send your Download link to more people or if you believe you don’t want to share this file anymore – delete the link. It’s easy and intuitive.


Adding to the detailed Download link stats you can access from your iPhone, you’ll also receive a notification every week with a report on your most popular Download links!

There are a lot more things you can do to secure your Download links, like setting up password-protection or assigning an expiration date.

Want to take advantage of these awesome features?

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