Summer’s the perfect time to kick off your vacation plans in full motion and get some well-deserved rest. Sometimes, however, the stress of turning that long-awaited trip from vision to reality can take away the excitement of exploration. Luckily, with pCloud on your device, you can still enjoy the perfect getaway. Just follow these 3 simple summer hacks:

From flights to hotel rooms, keeping track of vacation reservations is a grueling process.

With the app’s simple search bar, you will easily access necessary information right when you need it, instead of wasting time digging around. What’s more, it’s easy to share these important files with family and friends who want to keep up with your travels.

  • Create a master folder with the name of your vacation
  • Save all your important docs and give them smart names
  • Just in case your Internet connection goes off, allow offline access with pCloud’s “Favorite” option

Having all reservations in one clear and concise place makes planning easier and your departure date significantly less stressful.
Every good road trip or long flight requires good music.
Whether it’s mobile, desktop or web, pCloud comes with an embedded audio player, allowing you to play music effortlessly. Tap on the dedicated section in each platform and create custom playlists for an awesome experience.


Photos are precious memories that live long after a vacation ends.

All your images will be instantly synced between every device with the service installed. If you have anything you want to touch up on your photo, with pCloud Drive, you will be able to edit, save and export camera RAWs directly in the cloud. What’s best, no physical space will be taken from your PC.

Sharing your vacation album is also a breeze with pCloud’s variety of sharing options! Create download links and send your awesome memories with your closest friends!

Keeping all necessary vacation items in the same place and enjoy your next trip.Try pCloud now for desktop, mobile and web!