If you are an avid pCloud web user, you may have recently noticed some changes in the way the platform looks. my.pCloud.com has been improved to allow better file searching, sharing and link monitoring.

Looking for a file? Check out our new seach box

my.pCloud now makes it easier for you to reach your most important files. We have integrated our filter menu with the search box to provide faster and more precise results. Choose the format (Images, Audio, Documents and Archives) of the file you’re looking for, type in your keywords and let pCloud do its job.

Track your shares with ease in “Shares”

“Shares” incorporates all of your sharing activity in the cloud, or otherwise said: your download and upload links as well as the folders you’ve been currently collaborating on. The section contains two tabs, which you are already familiar with – “My shares” and “Shared with me” with their respective functions.

Furthermore, with my.pCloud’s improved design, you can now easily differentiate the type of share you have created. Hover on the icons that appear next to your files and see whether they have an upload and download link generated. For folders, there is an additional icon, allowing you to monitor the number of people you have invited for collaboration.

We’re constantly working to improve our service, so stay tuned for more improvements!