Your files are important. That is why we have pCloud Crypto to ensure you get the highest level of data encryption available in the cloud. Want to know how you can set up your personal Crypto folder? Here’s how.

For those of you, who are yet to acquaint themselves, pCloud Crypto is the new addition to pCloud’s feature package. It creates a secure folder in a zero-knowledge proof environment, where you can store your most important and private files. We’ve prepared a useful infographic with pCloud Crypto set up insights along with a small guide:


Step 1: Open the Crypto tab in pCloud Drive

pCloud Crypto is available for both desktop and mobile. Optionally, you can install pCloud Drive to activate your Crypto Folder first. After you have launched pCloud Drive, right-click the cloud icon in the tray menu of your device and choose “Account”. You will see a number of tabs with different functions, among which a specialized “Crypto” one. Now this is what we’re going to work with!

Step 2: Choose your method of activation and a strong passphrase

pCloud Crypto offers two options for activation – a 14-day free trial, or a subscription for $3.99 per month. After you choose, which one is best for you, pCloud Crypto will require the input of a passphrase and a hint as part of the encryption key. Note here, that a strong passphrase can increase the level of file protection.

Step 3: Insert your private files into the newly created Crypto Folder

Open your pCloud Drive and you will see a brand new Crypto Folder among your files. This is great, because now you get to choose, which of your data you want to stay in the zero-knowledge proof environment of pCloud Crypto and which – ready for immediate use. After you have transferred your files, proceed with Step 4.

Step 4: Lock your files on your device

Now, your files are saved encrypted on pCloud’s servers. However, if you don’t lock them, they will be still visible from your device. To change that, right-click on the pCloud icon in the tray bar and choose the “Lock Crypto” button.


Step 5: Ensure your files are locked

The best way to do this is to open your pCloud Drive. The Crypto Folder should not be visible, meaning your files are now safe even if something happens to your device. If you want to use your files once again, right-click on the pCloud’s icon in the tray bar and choose “Unlock Crypto”. Insert your passphrase and confirm. Now your files will be fully-available to you.