Have you ever found yourself deleting a super important document by mistake?

Nothing’s worse than losing files off your laptop or phone. It may be the birthday photos from your grandma’s anniversary, or the latest mockups to a project you’ve been working on for almost 6 months.

It happens. Everyone can get careless once in a while. Some things you lose, however, can be brought back – like the files you store in pCloud.

If you have photos, videos or documents in pCloud, you can easily recover them if you have deleted or modified them. You can restore files from your Trash, you can retrieve an older version of any document with File Revisions. You can even bring back your entire pCloud account to how it was up to 30 days ago with pCloud Rewind.

It’s not always, however, that you immediately realize you’ve lost a file. We found a solution to this problem. We’re happy announce that from today onwards, you can record all your file changes from up to 360 days and recover important files with the Extended File History.

What’s Extended File History?

Currently, you can recover your files at pCloud from the last 15 or 30 days (depending on your pCloud plan). With Extended File History (EFH), you can prolong this period.

EFH is an add-on to your pCloud account, which extends the period for which you can recover content from pCloud to up to 365 days (from the moment of activation). It becomes effective the moment you add it to your pCloud account and applies for your File Revisions, Trash folder and pCloud Rewind.

How can I get EFH?

It’s easy to add EFH to your pCloud account:

  • Log into my.pCloud
  • Go to Rewind and locate the Extended File History message
  • Click on Extend and proceed with your purchase

Extend now!

*or click this button

Keep in mind:

Extended File History is NOT retroactive. If you deleted a file more than 30 days ago, even if you activate EFH you won’t be able to recover it. In addition, EFH cannot recover permanently deleted files.