It is easy to get carried away when in an emotional state of happiness or mood boosts! However, taking care of yourself should always be a top priority, regardless of the circumstances. Hearing isn’t commonly thought of when one considers their own health but hearing health is an important part of everyday life for most of us so it’s important to protect our ears!

According to medical studies, an estimated 1.1 billion young people aged 12 to 35 years are at risk of developing significant hearing loss due to the unsafe levels of loud music they expose themselves to.

The good news is that preserving your hearing is in your own hands! We have 5 tips for listening to music safely.

The 60/60 rule

It is recommended to have the maximum volume of your music at about 60%. This tip is quite easy to follow- simply listen to your favorite music for about an hour at 60% volume and take a 15 minutes break!

Turn the volume down

Let’s not dive too deep into scientific terminology, but it is recommended to be self-aware in terms of sound volume and hearing loss! Your music players can produce a max volume of 100 decibels. 15 minutes of it puts you in the predisposition for hearing damage! Quality music players have warnings and alarm you once you’ve reached the danger zone.

Headphones vs Earphones

Easily put, headphones wrap over your ear, whereas earphones sit inside it! A direct vibration of sound can cause damage to your hearing. Thus, the farther from your eardrums the speakers are, the better! Headphones are considered to be industry standards for safe music listening.

Noise- cancelling

For real music lovers, headphones with noise-cancelling are your savior! Being far from your eardrum, they cancel out background noise, allowing you to keep your music to a low level. Just make sure to should always be audibly, as well as visually aware of your surroundings, if going out!

Sound quality

We’ve emerged into an era of over-flooded markets of technology with standards for quality changing rapidly! However, safety is often overlooked and sometimes neglected for the sake of producing more products!

Being healthy is our own responsibility as it is entangled with the choices we make. If you would like to focus on quality over quantity, check out the embedded music player pCloud has in store for you! Aside from the robust security emphasis, pCloud has a strong affinity for music! After all, if the sound quality of your music is good, why should you burst your headphones to maximum volume? Check it out today and register to get free 500GB for three months: