We all have this pile of documents, business cards, and random invoices gathering dust at our desk. It’s not that easy to simply toss them away – some of them are really important and some of them you have no idea when you will need. We can now proudly say that we’ve got the right feature that will help you organize this mess and have all documents that you might ever need right there in your pocket. Let us introduce you to pCloud’s new feature for iOS – the Document scan!

With the Document scan feature, you can now scan all kinds of documents and upload them directly to your pCloud account, where they will be stored safely for whenever you might need them. It’s needless to say that you can also share them with anyone in a matter of just a few seconds. If that doesn’t sound convincing, here are 5 more reasons why we are sure that you will love our new feature:

#1 It saves time

Let’s start with the obvious: searching through a neatly organized collection of your documents online is far less time-consuming than going through piles of papers stored in boxes or simply lying around.

#2 It’s the more secure option

Considering the security of your documents it’s not only the better but also the safest option to store them in your pCloud account. If you choose to scan all your business-related documents you can easily protect them with a password (keep them super safe in your Crypto folder!) or add different access levels for employees if you save them to your pCloud Business account. Scanning and storing your documents in pCloud will give you much more control than any other way of keeping your paperwork organized and easily reachable for anyone in your company.

#3 Helps you sleep better at night

No, but seriously! Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew that all your important documents are safe in case of a disaster? The same reasoning applies here as when you think of backing your computer. It’s so easy to scan documents with pCloud, so don’t postpone it! Think about your own peace of mind!

#4 Convenience, as simple as that

Do we really need to explain ourselves here? Imagine you have the document right then and there when you really need it. It’s a nice feeling that you will quickly get used to, we promise.

#5 Makes sharing of paperwork super fast & easy!

Did we mention that if you have your documents scanned and stored in your pCloud account, you can easily share them with anyone you need to? Yes, we did. But let’s point it out one more time – sharing scanned documents online is easier and greener too!

So now that you are convinced that the new Document scan feature will be your next favorite feature, let’s see how it actually works. Here are the steps you need to follow to scan a document on your iOS device*:

  • Open your pCloud app for iOS
  • Start by uploading a file and click on Upload Files
  • Go to the upper right menu and select Scan Document
  • Position the document in view (use a clean surface) & press the round button
  • Adjust the image if you need to by dragging near corners
  • If your document consists of multiple pages, you can arrange them as a next step
  • Next will be to name your file, choose the image quality (remember that higher quality images take up more space) and select the folder to save your newly scanned document
  • Aaaaand … that’s about it!

*The feature is available only for devices with iOS 13 and later.

We hope you’ll enjoy pCloud’s new feature for iOS as much as we do.