Recently, the guys at Barracuda announced that they’re closing down their cloud storage solution Copy due to resource allocation. Users will have 2 months to transfer their files, because as of May 1, 2016, everything will be deleted.

The Copy service will be discontinued on May 1, 2016.

This is no reason for panic, however! We have just the right solution for you.

Copy’s been around for about 4 years and since then has created a solid community. It had a lot of things that made it a good choice for a cloud storage provider:

  • It gave users 15 GB of storage initially
  • It believed in fair sharing as it split the storage of shared folders evenly between users
  • It aimed to make sending files one level safer by offering permissions
  • It gave its shot at file security with public private key RSA encryption and AES 256-bit symmetric key encryption for all data stored, along with data transfer over SSL socket.
  • It made its service widely available for PCs and smartphones with a folder sync option and mobile apps

While we can’t argue about Copy’s redeeming points, we can offer a feature-rich and easy-to-use solution for your files with pCloud:

pCloud gives you 10GB

Every Copy user can receive 10 GB for free from pCloud upon importing their files (It only takes two easy steps!).

You can effortlessly share files and folders

Copy believed in fair sharing. You can say it was its flagship feature: you share a folder with someone and you split the file size between accounts. pCloud believes in responsible sharing. Every folder you collaborate on with friends and colleagues takes space only from your account. That way, you don’t have to worry about sharing a 5 GB file with someone who has only 3 GB, free in their account.

There are NO upload restrictions

In Copy’s case, if you wanted to upload a file larger than 1 GB, you had to download their desktop application. pCloud has NO upload and download file limits. You can upload larger files with the maximum speed your Internet plan offers from web, desktop and mobile.

You get increased file security

Data stored in Copy was encrypted using a combination of public private key RSA encryption and AES 256-bit symmetric key encryption for all data that stored on Barracuda Copy servers. Additionally, all files is transferred over a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) socket.

pCloud, on the other hand, transfers files to its servers via TLS/SSL protocol. What’s more, it allows you to use client-side encryption for the files you consider sensitive, with pCloud Crypto. No photo. video or music will ever be uploaded in plain text to our servers, if it is in the Crypto folder. What’s more, Copy users can get a 1-month pCloud Crypto free trial so they have military-grade security at full disposal from desktop, mobile and web.

Awesome desktop app

Usually, programs take space from your PC. Contrary to that, pCloud Drive gives your PC additional space. Our advanced desktop application acts as a virtual drive, which means that you can access and work on your files using the space from the cloud. What’s more, every change will be automatically synced between all your devices.

How can I transfer my files from to pCloud?

It’s actually easier than you think. We have a special backup feature that can help you transfer your files effortlessly. Here’s how you can do that:

Create a pCloud account and go to the “Backups” section

12You’ll see the special Copy backup section: click start and enter your Copy account credentials.



That’s it! After you confirm your backup, all of your files will be automatically be downloaded to your pCloud account.

So how about it? Try the easy solution to file transfer by creating a pCloud account now!