If you have been reading the news lately, you should already be acquainted with the latest buzz around Apple. For those of you who don’t know, however, a couple of days ago a federal court judge ordered the company to create a backdoor to unlocking a certain iPhone 5C, which was used by one of San Bernardino massacre shooters. In response, Apple refused to comply with the FBI and sent an open letter to informing their clients of the issue.

Following Apple’s stance on the file privacy of its customers, as a file security provider ourselves, we felt the need to express our full support! We strongly believe that each person should have the right to protect their private files. A good relationship between a service and a customer is formed on the basis of mutual trust, and this same trust is strengthened when you respect the privacy of your client.

“The digital privacy of personal information is the right of every user and it shouldn’t be violated. Each one of us should choose the level of security they get and so far, data encryption continues to be the only complete solution.” is what our CEO, Tunio Zafer wanted to share.

In general, any circumvention of the right of digital privacy can and will leave a big gap in security. Once a backdoor is created, it can fall into the wrong hands and be used for illicit activities. What’s more, should this happen all technology and innovative security solutions would also be deemed meaningless. That is why we’re doing our best to make file security easier and widely available.

“An important condition for preserving users’ digital privacy is for their files to be encrypted on the device they are using. pCloud, as a cloud storage company makes this possible through its zero-knowledge privacy. In other words, we don’t know anything about the files that users store, namely, the contents, name and type of the files stored.” Adds Mr. Zafer.

If there is something to be remembered from this case, it’s that data security is not only a top mind concern for customers, but for companies as well. More businesses start to make their best efforts to create a truly safe environment for their customers and protect their rights, when needed.

Our strong belief is that the future lies in the digital privacy and all people should think more about the security of their files online.

Although the future may lie on digital privacy, it is exactly the responsible relationship between companies and customers that should also be highly taken into account.

As for pCloud, we are going to continue developing our technology and provide one of the most secure solutions to store your files online.