For the past couple of days the world has been in chaos, thanks to a new Ransomware wave – WannaCry. For about 48 hours, this malicious software had managed to infect more than 230,000 computers and forced Health services and large global organizations to halt activities.

If you’re already familiar with what exactly WannaCry is, these 5 tools will help you monitor WannaCry’s progress and profit in real time.

1. MalwareTech’s Botner Tracker

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This Sunday, MalwareTech’s security analyst managed to create a WannaCry botner tracker, which presents the locations of infected countries in real-time by checking their unique IP adresses.

2. MalwareTech’s Infection Map

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In addition to their WannaCry botner tracker, MalwareTech also supports an infection map by increments, which provides graphics of the new and total attacks.

Keep in mind that both the botner tracker and infection map may produce lags due to overload. In such a case, wait for a few minutes and refresh the pages.

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3. RansomTracker’s Twitter Bot

A bit more different than monitoring actual attacks, the RansomTracker Twitter Bot uses to TradeBlock and live-tweets Bitcoin ransom payments from the victims that have fallen to Ransomware, including WannaCry.

4. Quartz’ WannaCry Twitter Bot

Similar to RansomTracker, Quartz’ WannaCry Twitter bot follows the three wallets that are hard-coded into the WannaCry Ransomware and tweets new payments as they occur in BlockChain. You can also find information of the total profit from WannaCry in real time every two hours.

At the time of writing, the three bitcoin wallets have received 266 payments, totaling 43.3013299 BTC ($77,759.94 USD).

Bonus: Ransomware Tracker

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Ransomware in general is a serious threat to both individuals and businesses. Although it doesn’t include stats from WannaCry, Ransomware Tracker monitors Ransomware-associated data like IP addresses, domain names and URLs and other. By using this data, the service offers internet service providers (ISPs), law enforcement agencies, security researchers etc. an overview on the infrastructure used by Ransomware and whether data like this is used for illegal purposes.

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