Explore the Future of Cloud-Based Audio with pCloud’s New Audio Player

We’re thrilled to launch our upgraded audio player, which is packed with new features designed to meet the diverse needs of music enthusiasts. The new, improved pCloud audio player is going to change the way you listen to audio content, regardless of whether you are a podcast enthusiast or a music lover. Now let’s explore the new features. 


Differential Listening Modes: Customising Your Sound Experience

One of the best features of our pCloud’s updated audio player is the Dual Listening Modes which enables you to easily switch between Music Mode and Podcast Mode. Each of the two modes is optimised with unique features to improve your listening experience.

  • Podcast Mode: The Podcast Mode includes Seek Forward/Backward, Playback Speed, and a Sleep Timer.These new features are perfect for podcast listeners wishing to adjust the playback speed or duration, skip through sections, or establish a timer to end their listening session.

  • Music Mode: Designed to deliver an immersive, rich, and unique experience. Music Mode offers the ability to stream your favourite music seamlessly. Easily create custom playlists for any occasion or mood, Share your playlists with friends and family, making it simpler than ever to discover and enjoy new content together. 


Updated Playback Controls: Replay with Ease

Our pCloud team knows about the importance of easy and seamless playback, and that is why we are introducing the Updated Playback Controls. Without any hassle, the playback controls allow you to easily replay your favourite song or even an entire playlist.

– Song Replay: Have you enjoyed the track? You can now replay it with just a simple tap.

– Playlist Replay: Loved the playlist? Keep the vibes going by looping the playlist.

The Updated Playback Controls ensure that your favourite songs and playlists are always at your fingertips, which makes your experience with pCloud smoother and more enjoyable.


Dynamic Expanded View: A Feast for the Eyes

The whole user experience is improved by an outstanding interface, and pCloud accomplished this with the Dynamic Expanded View. This new look offers an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing user interface with dynamic backgrounds according to the audio being played.


Automatic Progress Save: Never Lose Your Place

Everyone experienced the frustration of losing their position in a playlist of songs or podcast. Losing your place in audio content can be a major inconvenience, especially when it comes to podcasts, playlists, or workout music. This can happen due to unexpected calls, device glitches, or pauses. For example, during a commute, you might lose your place in a podcast episode or a workout playlist due to an urgent call. These interruptions not only disrupt the flow of the experience but also create frustration and waste time as you try to find your place again.

Those days are gone thanks to pCloud’s Automatic Progress Save feature. Regardless of the device you are using, this feature makes sure that your queue and listening progress are immediately stored, so you can pick up where you left off.


Seamless Mobile Integration: Desktop Features on the Go

In today’s fast-paced world, mobility is key. pCloud’s updated audio player brings all the robust features of the desktop version to your mobile device, ensuring a seamless transition between platforms.

You can stream music and podcasts on pCloud even when your phone is locked. This means that you can carry on listening to your favourite audio material with your phone safely tucked away in your pocket or purse. You can stop worrying about incidental touches and battery drain from constantly using the screen. Pure, genuine enjoyment of music wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move, pCloud ensures that your audio experience is uninterrupted and consistent across all your devices.

Lifetime Backup of Your Music Library

Our pCloud audio player is the best option for music enthusiasts because it enables you to create a lifelong backup of your music library. You may stream music from any device at any time using pCloud, and you can make custom playlists for any occasion or mood. You may share your favourite podcasts and songs with friends and family using the playlist sharing function, which makes it simpler than ever to find and enjoy new material together. Your music collection is always accessible, well-organised, and ready to go with pCloud.


pCloud’s Audio Player Commands:

To make your listening experience even better, pCloud includes a range of playback features, including:

The redesigned audio player from pCloud is a comprehensive solution made to accommodate the many tastes of music and podcast fans, not just a tool for playing audio files. With all of the new features, such as Enhanced Playback Controls, Dual Listening Modes, Dynamic Expanded View, Automatic Progress Save, and Seamless Mobile integration, pCloud continues to set the standards for cloud-based audio experiences.

With pCloud’s new audio player, you can enjoy your favourite music, curate the perfect playlist, or start a new podcast series, all while having a more engaging, pleasurable, and personalised audio experience than before. Embrace the future of cloud-based audio with pCloud and elevate your listening experience to new heights.