Data Privacy Day is a global effort — taking place annually on January 28th — that generates awareness about the importance of privacy, highlights easy ways to protect personal information and reminds organizations that privacy is good for business.

Data Privacy Day is the signature event in greater privacy awareness and education effort. Year-round, NCSA educates consumers on how they can own their online presence and shows organizations how privacy is good for business. In 2021, NCSA is encouraging individuals to “Own Your Privacy” by learning more about how to protect their valuable data online and encouraging businesses to “Respect Privacy”, which advocates for holding organizations responsible for keeping individuals’ personal information safe from unauthorized access and ensuring fair, relevant and legitimate data collection and processing.

Personal information, such as purchase history, IP address, or location, has tremendous value to businesses — just like money. People must make informed decisions about whether or not to share their data with certain businesses by considering the amount of personal information they are asking for, and weighing it against the benefits they may receive in return.

In early 2020, Mine was introduced to the world with a mission to provide exactly that. Mine allows consumers to take ownership by helping them discover which companies have collected their data and how they use it. Then, upon their choice, they can use Mine to easily send deletion requests to companies, asking them to remove their data.

The Data Privacy in Action is an industry-first project that allows the public to evaluate the actions taken by companies in regards to their data privacy rights. According to Mine, each consumer averages at least 400 companies that have access to their digital data, of which 80% are services the individual no longer uses.

pCloud put privacy into action by completing 82% of data deletion requests in only an average of 2.8 days. This means that consumers can trust us to take their privacy rights seriously as we handle any data rights request. The index is based on the real-life experiences of over 1,500,000 data privacy requests sent by over 130,000 Mine users worldwide.