It’s the 21st century and every day is SOME or SOMEONE’s day, because why not.

And today is not just any day – it’s WORLD PASSWORD DAY!

Here at pCloud, we’re all FOR better security! That’s why we promote good security habits – like creating a strong passwordkeeping your files safe online and encrypting your sensitive data.

Passwords are important, we don’t need to state the obvious. Everyone deserves some privacy and passwords make than happen. A secure combination can make sure you don’t get your photos, videos and documents or worse – your whole online identity stolen by somebody else.

However, with data breaches occuring every other day, our passwords become more and more demanding, which sometimes can take the better of us. That’s why, today we want to appreciate everyone’s efforts for protecting their files with some examples on the common password mistakes:

Password: potato

Sorry, the password must be at least 8 charactes long

Password: fried potato

Sorry, the password must contain at least 1 numerical character

Password: 1 fried potato

Sorry, the password cannot contain blank spaces

Password: 1friedpotato

Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character

Password: OHgod1friedpotato

Sorry, the password cannot contain consecutive upper case characters

Password: ToHellWithDis1friedpotato

Sorry, the password should contain at least one symbol.

Password: Iw@nnaThrowThis1friedpotatoatU

Sorry, that password is already in use!

Jokes aside, as much as we hate updating our passwords, it is important for the sake of security. I hope you had a good laugh with this short article.

On a side note, you can always check whether you password is strong by following out tips on creating a strong password for your account.


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