This is a guest blog post from Joe Kok.

When we think about storing documents in the cloud, creativity is the last thing on our mind. Most people use cloud storage services to simply drop off their important content, without ever exploring the vast possibilities of this awesome ‘warehouse’!

The cloud’s innate ability of interconnection and adaptability has made it a fertile land for many useful and nifty apps.

To introduce you to this uncharted domain, I’m going to be listing down the top four ways you can use cloud storage services in order to explore your creative side!


  • NEVER Lose An Important Write-Up Again!

There’s nothing like working on an important project for months on end, penning up thousands of words worth of research, investing hundreds of hours of our own free time, putting heart and soul into the freaking projecting and just one wrong click- IT’S ALL GONE!

This has been the biggest forte of the many Luddites looming amongst us as they claim that while the Internet and the cloud are great inventions with a lot of potential, the other side of the coin is too grim to simply ignore.

Times have changed and now, even such a strong argument against is simply trumped with the autoRecover option of the Cloud. Here, pCloud name them as pCloud Rewind.

In the event of a power outage or any other cause that is beyond our control, you’ll never have to worry if your Word document was saved or not.

Simply find the file you’ve been working on in the Cloud, download it and you’re ready to continue being awesome!

Did I mention that you don’t even have to download it?

Read the next point to find out why!


  • Use Write Box To Get Out Of The Box!

Many people use the cloud to save space as they oftentimes have storing issues in their computer or simply don’t trust the unreliability of any other traditional means.

While some might scoff at the fact that written documents are large by any means, they can still reach magnanimous proportions when you take into consideration that more and more articles are laden with spreadsheets, images, video files and etc.

Instead of having to worry about memory or whether your files were saved, simply write and have your words directly synched into the cloud!

As what had been discussed in the pCloud review, security plays a vital part in keeping all your files safe in the cloud and pCloud will not settle for anything but to have the tightest and top-notch security feature.

Talk about simplifying and having the highest degree of securing things.


  • Don’t Like Spending Hundreds On Hosting? Do It Yourself!

I can already imagine your conundrum; You want to create a small, personal page to broadcast your ideas, work or project to the world but don’t want to settle for any unreliable hosting companies as they are undependable at best.

Become your own progenitor and your own host by integrating the nifty functions of DropPages into your cloud!

Since internet connections in most countries are stable and work on a 24/7 schedule, unless you experience a massive traffic spike, your website should be online for years to come!

Best thing of all, you’ll never have to shell out a penny to any greedy corporations.


  • Mind Map Your Road To Success!

This is a list that focuses on creativity after all, so why not go all-out and provide the true artisans among us with the opportunity to really get their cerebral juices flowing. Creativity in itself is not logical, it’s not something that can be easily followed, yet on the other hand, it still has this fluidity and tangibility, never losing track of the original idea. Sentences destroy and hamper creativities way of fusillading in many different arrays of thought, as is supposed to be. That’s why mind maps come to the rescue as a simple few words can branch a tree that will mesmerize generations to come!

One application for such an endeavor would be Mindmeister, they are as gracious as to provide you with a free map as a sort of trial run.


To conclude, the cloud is as broad as the Internet itself. I have already mentioned just how well it suits developers wishing to promote their products and that’s why so many of the most popular applications allow themselves to be interterpolated with the Cloud.

The apps listed here are mostly free and all of them allow for a certain trial period to be had so that you can test out the services and see if they suit you.

We hope that you have a lot of fun exploring all the ample options the Cloud entrust you with!