Over the years, applications have become an important part of our lives. It’s not that we won’t be able to live without them but they make our daily routine easier and we have nothing to lose using them, whatsoever. That is why today we’re presenting you with these 7 daily pCloud hacks:

Monday – Your boss is looking for some old drafts. You can find them easily with pCloud’s Revision option. With all the older versions of your files being saved in the cloud, each one is only a click away.

Tuesday – It’s still the beginning of the week and your esteem may be lower than expected. Find a comfy place to lay down during lunch break and play one of your pCloud playlists to re-energize.

Wednesday – “New share request received!” Open your pCloud Drive and start collaborating.

Thursday – Work is looking good! Finish up your drafts and send them for approval. Download links are perfect for the job!

Friday – Before finishing work, it’s a good idea to Sync your progress. That way, even without Internet connection, you will have full access to your files.

Saturday – Saturday calls for a night out, and a night out calls for awesome selfies. Save space from your phone and take pictures directly in pCloud.

Sunday – Or also dubbed as movie night. Coincidentally or not, pCloud has an awesome video streaming option that will enable you to play your movie collection from any place.