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Whether you’ve been using pCloud for a while, or you’ve just joined the bandwagon, this guide goes through practical tips on setting up pCloud to work for your needs.

We have files scattered everywhere, from the photos and videos on our phones to the work documents on our external hard drives. That’s also the reality of the foreseeable future.

One of the biggest perks of pCloud Drive is that you can have all your files on your computer without using additional hard drive space. The thing is, pCloud Drive works like a virtual drive on your computer. You install it and it automatically appears as a partition on your device. You are still able to preview, edit and even collaborate with others on your files. Otherwise said, you can watch movies, show your photo albums to friends and family and edit that presentation that’s due tomorrow, but without filling up the space on your computer.

But how do you get all your files from your phone, from your hard drive and from your external hard drive on the cloud fast and without effort?

There are two ways to move your files to pCloud Drive:

If you have a few files to move:

If you want to upload a few documents or photos to pCloud Drive, you can do it directly. Copy & paste them into the folder of your choice and wait for the green checkmark to pop up. It will indicate that your upload has been completed and you can access these files from all your devices.

If you’re moving more than a few files:

You want to transfer all your files from your computer to pCloud Drive and free up space?

Sync is a powerful option in pCloud Drive. It allows you to link folders from your computer to pCloud Drive. This connection goes both ways. The folders you sync will appear in pCloud Drive and will also be on your computer. If you’re editing files which you’re syncing, the changes will apply locally and in pCloud Drive.

To sync a folder with pCloud:

  • Right-click on the folder you’d like to sync
  • Select Sync to pCloud

Choose a location in pCloud Drive where you’d like to access this folder and confirm to finish

If you’re deleting synced files, they will disappear from pCloud Drive and your computer at the same time. That’s why, we recommend stoping your sync before deleting anything, so as not to delete important files.

If you’re moving your files from your phone, check out this helpful guide on how to start:

Once your files are in pCloud, it’s super easy to access them from every device. You will be able to preview every photo, as if it’s in your Camera Roll, stream every video or even preview documents on the go.

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