Whether it’s logging into a social media account, inbox or somewhere else, the number of alphabetical clutter in our daily routine is consistently high.

Studies have shown that, on average, we have to memorize:

  • 5 passwords
  • 5 PIN numbers
  • 2 number plates
  • 3 security ID numbers just to get through everyday life.

And if you pay attention to your file security, like we do, every password combines arm length and master complexity. So how does one deal with this issue? One day it hit us. A pretty good solution was right in front of us.

Simply stop memorizing. pCloud Crypto can do this for you with this simple trick:

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet with two columns – one with the places you actively visit and another with the passwords you use.

That way, you can quickly find the exact combination you need.

Step 2: Move your spreadsheet in your personal Crypto Folder.

Now, you can be sure that no one, except you is going to have access to the file.

Why is this trick working so well?

There are a couple of reasons why we love this solution so much:

It’s securepCloud Crypto protects data with client-side encryption. In other words – by the time your files are placed in the Crypto Folder, they are already unreadable to anyone but you.

It’s easy to use – Since pCloud Crypto is actually a client-side encrypted folder, if you want a document protected, you only have to drag and drop it there. What’s better – you can access your list from mobile and desktop.

It’s simple – You don’t need to be a certified encryption specialist to secure your files. pCloud Crypto is proof. You will need only one thing to memorize and that is your Crypto Pass – the password, with which you lock and unlock your Crypto Folder.

Do you have a similar problem? pCloud Crypto is a great solution if you need to secure sensitive information without sacrificing usability. You can try it now with every pCloud account for desktop and mobile.