Now’s the time to update the pCloud app on your phone, because we have a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise for you! Free up space for more love.

Cleaning up your phone is just satisfying, in more than one ways. That’s especially true when you want to take a romantic photo with your partner, but your phone is already 95% full. pCloud has an easy way to make free space happen. This Valentine’s Day, because we love pClouders, we’re making this option available for everybody.

When you download the pCloud app for Android or iOS, you get the chance to automatically back up your photos and videos. But actually, that’s not all. You can also automatically free up space for more shots.

Free up space is an advanced hidden feature, which appears after your Automatic Upload’s complete. It allows you to scan your phone and delete the photos and videos you already uploaded via Automatic Upload. This feature used to be available for our Premium community only. Today, we’re making it available for everybody.

That way, even if you have 10 GB in your pCloud account, you can easily scan your phone and make room for the fresh and exciting things in your life. Here’s how:

1. Enable Automatic Upload

For Android:

For iOS:

It’s super easy to enable Automatic Upload. Open the app’s Settings and tap on Automatic Upload. Now pCloud’s going to start adding the photos and videos from your phone to pCloud.

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2. Scan your device and free up space

For Android:

For iOS:

Once Automatic Upload is complete, you’ll find a copy of all your photos and videos in the folder Automatic Upload. No worries – if you have more than one phone, pCloud will organize your photos in subfolders, according to the name of the device. You’ll be able to preview all your photos and stream all the video files you just backed up.

Go back to the Settings of the app. Right below Automatic Upload, you’ll find the option to Free device space. This will allow pCloud to scan your Gallery or Camera Roll and delete the photos and videos you have backed up in pCloud.

Once your photos and videos are in pCloud, you’ll be able to preview and share them from your tablet, from your laptop or from any web browser.

Today, phones do so much more than just receive calls. You don’t need to be in the office or university to great things done. You can do a lot more when all of your files are in your pocket. Try pCloud today and start with 10 GB for free.