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Multi-layer protection: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Security breaches, malware and human errors cost people and businesses around the world hundreds of thousands of dollars every year - and yet many individuals and organizations don't take the necessary measures to ensure iron-clad, multi-layer protection.

Cloud Services: Now a Standard for Businesses

Cloud storage, whether it is in the public or private space, is a major jump for a lot of people who are apprehensive about new technology. What's more important, cloud services are now a must for businesses around the world - and not just an advantage.


5,000,000 Users and Counting

We are proud to say that as of this moment, more than 5 million people have chosen pCloud as their cloud storage provider. Spread the world, tell you friends and help us grow even bigger!

Download speed test: pCloud vs. Dropbox

pCloud lets you download files incredibly fast - in fact, 3 times faster than Dropbox. Watch a speed test video and read more about our download speed.


10 Tips For Better Phoneography

We've compiled 10 neat tricks that will help you up you take better pictures with you phone and bring you phoneography game to an entirely new level.


A Bitcasa alternative: Move your files to pCloud in minutes

Now that Bitcasa Drive is shutting down, moving your files to pCloud is the sensible choice. Here is a short video tutorial on how to do that in just a few clicks and a less than a couple of minutes.


Sync your Dropbox with pCloud in 5 easy steps

Sync your Dropbox files with pCloud in just 5 simple steps, and forget about Dropbox altogether. Follow our step-by-step guide and get up to 20 GB of cloud storage space free of charge.