3 things you should know about pCloud Crypto and client-side encryption

benefits-of-encrypted-files-in-the-cloud-v3If you rely on the cloud for professional or highly private purposes, you are bound to have yourself concerned with the level of security, providers bring to the market. pCloud Crypto ensures a serious solution to file insecurity by using client-side encryption as a measure to keep data safe. To prove this, we give you 3 reasons why pCloud Crypto is the right feature for you. Continue reading “3 things you should know about pCloud Crypto and client-side encryption” »

Collaborating on files with pCloud made easier

File collaboration made easier!Sharing is caring, or in some cases, sharing is collaboration. That’s why today we’re combining both to explain how you can work with friends on the same folder and what you should know about our latest changes!

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Be the perfect host with pCloud

Every once in a while, you’ll most likely be tagged with the “honour” of organizing celebration events. Usually, this type of planning takes a while, but if you put pCloud to the right use, you can squeeze out a few hours for yourself. All you need to do is:
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Exciting news – pCloud has a new HQ


Guess what pCloud-ers,

We have a breaking announcement to make: pCloud has relocated to Zug, Switzerland in our aim to provide a better and secure environment for your files!

This move is the next logical step for the company as part of our global expansion strategy.” - Tunio Zafer, pCloud CEO

pCloud’s relocation is a big step for the team. Switzerland’s business-friendly environment and strong legal jurisdiction has made us believe that this is a big opportunity to provide a secure service on a whole new – client-side encryption level.

7 reasons why you need pCloud in your life


Over the years, applications have become an important part of our lives. It’s not that we won’t be able to live without them but they make our daily routine easier and we have nothing to lose using them, whatsoever. That is why today we’re presenting you with these 7 daily pCloud hacks:

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The Difference between End-to-end Encryption and Client-side Encryption

End-to-end Encryption VS Client-side EncryptionHello pClouders,

we are soon going to release a new Encryption feature for our desktop applications and we want to clarify some Crypto terms in order to give you better understanding of our product.

One often misused term in cloud storage area is End-to-end encryption in the meaning of Client-side encryption.

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To a Great New Year with pCloud!


Seeing how the year is nearing its end, we would like to, once again, wish you happy holidays! With confidence and high aspirations during the past 365 days, we have managed to safely store your great moments. We also brought to light our new advanced desktop application – pCloud Drive, to present you a new way to engage your space in the cloud.

This is also our time to say “Thank you for your trust!”. The pCloud community continues to grow with massive power and million users worldwide just around the corner. For 2015 and the future as well, we plan to continue offering you great service and many more features. This being said, don’t hesitate to keep in touch as a lot of surprises await you from pCloud!

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