The Heartbleed Problem



Excuse us for disturbing you with this issue, but we need to do so, since our top priority is the safety of your data.

We were affected by the so called Heartbleed Problem (also known as CVE-2014-0160). We updated everything that was affected on April 7th, between 22:30 and 23:30 UTC (with the release of Debian security advisory 2896-1).

We do not store your passwords in clear text, but the vulnerability did allow for almost unlimited access to the memory of the server process, which means that if you had logged in before, especially between our update and the public disclosure of the vulnerability (which is a window of a few hours), the possibility exists that it might have become known to attackers.

We also have no information about the abuse of this vulnerability before the public disclosure, so we cannot guarantee that it wasn’t abused.

We would recommend for you to change your passwords in due time. Your files safety is our top priority!

Play FLAC files on every platform using pCloud


For those who are not familiar with FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), this is a codec for lossless compression of digital audio. Explained in simple terms – that’s a CD-quality music sounds.

The FLAC files come useful when you want to make a digital copy of your CD collection – you can make a digital copy of your CD for your car, for example, with exactly the same quality as the original one.

There are few disadvantages though – FLACs are bigger than the mp3s (typically a full album is around 300-500mb) and audio players that support FLAC are hard to find.

All in all pCloud solves these problems – you can simply play your music on our in-built Android and Web Audio players.

Keep your music safe with pCloud and play it wherever you like.


Your Music Anywhere

pCloud Music Player
Digitizing have changed almost everything about our way of life. Remember the audio cassettes and their link to the pencil? And the stacks of CDs piling in your house?
Today buying a physical copy of our favorite album is a habit mostly for collectors and real fаns. Today, we have our music stored in our mobile phones, tablets and computers.
But a new way to enjoy your music is available!
pCloud mobile and web apps now have the ability to play music directly from the cloud.
This gives you the chance to store and organize your music collection safely in the cloud and play it literally everywhere you go – to the gym, for a walk, on vacation, on your way to work.
You can also mark some of your audio files as Favorite and listen to them even when you go off the grid and disconnect from the Internet!
Even better – now the Android and Web applications support playing of FLAC files (iOS still to come).
Keep your music with the best possible quality, safe and close to you.

pCloud accepts Bitcoins!

Greetings pCloud-ers,
Bitcoin is the number one digital madness right now. It’s only reasonable for pCloud to follow the trends and start accepting the digital currency. Bitcoin and cloud storage are powerful tools, that have already set a new course in the development of the digital world. We now accept Bitcoin payments for all of our premium plans without any additional cost. The prices are calculated according to the current Bitcoin rate by the time of purchase. 
For only ~0.006132 BTC ($4,99 per month) you receive 100GB of storage space with unlimited speed, no file size limits, unlimited sharing, unlimited public and upload links and 24 hour email support.


pCloud Team

10 things you can do with pCloud


For a really short amount of time pCloud has improved and created many easy to use and efficient features. So we decided to remind you and give you ideas how to use pCloud to it’s fullest. Here are 10 things you can do with pCloud just out of the top of our heads.

  1. Backing up your photos, videos and files from all your devices in one highly-secured place. We are a cloud storage service after all.
  2. You can easily back up all of your social media photos and videosFacebook, Instagram and Picasa backups are now available. And more is coming!
  3. For all the blog writers out there we managed to create the useful tool for your WordPress blog. You can schedule hourly or daily back ups and you’ll never have to worry about your texts again.
  4. Access your most important files even if your mobile device is offline – just mark them as a favorite and use them on any device, anywhere in the world.
  5. Take full advantage of the remote upload from other sites. Just paste the file’s link and save it to your account. The file is yours and safe in pCloud forever
  6. You spent New Year’s Eve with a group of friends and you don’t know how to exchange photos? Not a problem – just create a folder and generate an upload link. Share it with your friends and all of them can upload the photos from the party directly to your pCloud account.
  7. Your friend e-mailed you the best workout video and you want to try it by yourself? That’s easy, just upload it to your pCloud account and you can access it from you mobile device when you’re at the gym. No excuses for a good workout now!
  8. For our Android users we have a delightful and constantly improving audio player. Listen to your favorite music on the go. Remeber, like the other files, if you mark any audio file as a favorite, it will be available to you even if your device is not connected to the Internet.
  9. You don’t have to worry about the security of your files or your privacy. All your files are copied and stored on at least three server locations in highly-secured data center with 24 hour surveillance.
  10. You can get up to 20GB of free space. Your free account starts with 10GB and you can work your way up to 20GB by completing our bonus steps and inviting your friends.


pCloud Team

Social Backups to pCloud

social-to-pcloud-final2Hello pCloud fans!

We all know that hacks, deletes and errors happen everyday. No one is secure. But the moment you’ve signed up to pCloud, you’ve got an instant peace of mind that your files are safe and secure. And now we will boost your feeling even more.

We’ve got some new features related to backup. Social Media Backups!

Now you can easily back up your photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram and Picasa. You can go to your pCloud account and see the new Social Backups section. Get into it and start backing up!


Backing up all your Facebook, Instagram and Picasa photos and videos to pCloud is the smartest thing you can DO. Nobody wants to lose the precious holiday memories or pictures and videos of good times with friends. If anything bad happens to your social stuff, you will always have a backup copy stored in your pCloud account.

With pCloud your online data is backed up on a regular basis. And don’t forget that once your files are backed up, you can easily share them with anyone or access them on any device, anywhere in the world.

Oh, we almost forgot. Each back up earns you 500MB free space.


WordPress Backup to pCloud

wp-to-pcloudHello everyone!

We’ve got some pretty good news for all fans of WordPress.

Let’s say that you might want to back up your WordPress website with all files and media. But you don’t know If that’s possible. Our great devs have prepared a Christmas gift for all WordPress fans. A gift that can’t be unwanted.

Let us introduce you to the WordPress Backup to pCloud  plugin!

The WordPress Backup to pCloud plugin is a cool and user-friendly plugin that will back up all your WordPress files and media in a snap.

It’s been created to backup your blog and its data, regularly. You can even choose a day, the time and how often you wish your WordPress website to be backed up to your pCloud!

Once installed on WordPress, the authorization is one step process:

*When you first access the plugin’s options page, it will ask you to authorize the plugin with pCloud.Type your email and password and press the button.


‘Get More Space’ Guide


Hello pCloud fans!

Our team get asked a lot how to get more free space in your pCloud. We realized that all users start using pCloud with only 10GB space, but often they need more and more over time.

That’s why we’ve created a bunch of free ways to get more space. Here is our ‘Get More Space’ Guide.

If you are new to pCloud, you should try out a few things.

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Track Tasks in pCloud!

Hello everyone!

We’ve got some pretty good news for all fans of the mobile apps. While many things will feel familiar, we hope you will notice one small feature that makes a pretty big difference in the Android and iOS applications.

Let us introduce you to the Activity screen!

In few words…

Let’s say that you might decide to do some uploads and downloads in a short period of time. Or even to favorite some files. After a minute you got confused because you don’t remember which task you did.

The Activity screen solves that problem.

It is the place where you can track the progress of all your background tasks. It is located on the top of the files’ list.

You can see and manage all running tasks – pause, cancel or prioritize them.

Isn’t that helpful?

And here’s the iOS app..

pCloud’s Future!

pcloud-desktops-2Hey everyone,

pCloud is getting better every day and we’ve got plenty of info that we would love to share with you.

So, where should we start?

We suppose that you are mostly interested in our Windows and Mac clients.

As you already know, the Windows client is currently in BETA and our developers are doing their best to provide you with the Release. The Mac client is being tested extensively at the moment.

Some of you have been asking for a newsletter regarding the pCloud updates. Within a few days a subscription form will be available. Feel free to subscribe in order to stay up to date with the latests pCloud news.

Anyway, you can look for more updates and news here in the future, but also feel free to subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook.


pCloud Team