A Bitcasa alternative: Move your files to pCloud in minutes

Move your Bitcasa files to pCloud in a few clicks

If you are a Bitcasa user, you have probably received notice that Bitcasa Drive is being discontinued on May 20, 2016. You need to move your files by that date, or they’ll be permanently deleted and you’ll lose your important data.

We know that such news may sound a bit scary, especially if you keep a large number of files in Bitcasa Drive but as usual, the pCloud team comes to the rescue.

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Sync your Dropbox with pCloud in 5 easy steps

Sync Dropbox with pCloudOne thing that most cloud storage services with desktop apps have in common is that they duplicate the files on your computer and on the cloud. In other words, they eat up your HDD memory which is often scarce anyway.

pCloud is different. Instead of taking twice the storage space on your hard drive, it extends it and adds to it without compromising accessibility and the easy access to your files. Imagine having a second, virtual hard drive in the cloud – one that you can access and work with even when you are offline. It’s really that simple.

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Round 2 is now over! The winner of our Hacking Challenge is…


As many of you may know, back in late September we invited hackers, coders and anyone confident enough – in a battle of encryption. Starting from a $20,000 prize and going as far as betting $100,000 on the table in Round 2, here’s what happened:

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Privacy for customers: We’re in with you on this one, Apple

pCloud supports Apple's statement on customer privacy

If you have been reading the news lately, you should already be acquainted with the latest buzz around Apple. For those of you who don’t know, however, a couple of days ago a federal court judge ordered the company to create a backdoor to unlocking a certain iPhone 5C, which was used by one of San Bernardino massacre shooters. In response, Apple refused to comply with the FBI and sent an open letter to informing their clients of the issue.

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Hello Online Document Viewer!

my.pCloud now has an Online Document ViewerHave you recently looked at the Downloads folder on your PC?

Is it full of forms, presentations and invoices you downloaded only once for a quick look?

Congratulations, you are among half of the human population with a ‘clogged’ PC. Now imagine a clean digital workspace, where you dоn’t have to download a document just to take a look. With our latest update, we make this possible.

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