How secure is Pokémon GО actually

Pokemon Go | The pCloud Blog

Real –time & real-life playing, augmented reality, individual and team gameplay, the element of nostalgia – Pokémon GO has it all.

During the past couple of weeks, this new old game has swept the world. The Pokémon GO craze has probably reached every single person with a smartphone and an internet connection around the globe. The app is developed by Niantic Labs who teamed up with Nintendo, the publisher of the original Nintendo game. In the 90’s, Pokémon became a huge franchise offering GameBoy games, trading card games, toys, comic books, animated TV shows, and even movies, and it current revival seems to have inherited that success.

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Cloud Storage for Your Business 101

Cloud Storage for Your Business 101 | The pCloud BlogYou want to take the аdvantage from the cloud storage everyone is talking about, but you don’t know where to start? No worries – continue reading and get Master’s degree in Cloud in just a few minutes.

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Nicolas Goldstein, MSI: pCloud Mobile is a perfect fit for the booming African market


Nicolas Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Mauritius Startup Incubator

We are happy to announce that our latest partnership is a fact! pCloud will now help even more SMEs do the things they do best – make great ideas happen.

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Multi-layer protection: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Mullti-layer security | The pCloud Blog

Fact: In 2015, antivirus company Symantec detected 430 million new unique pieces of malware that did not exist in 2014 [1].
Fact: Almost 600 million people around the world were affected by some sort of cyber crime in that same year [2].
Fact: 31% of Millennials across the globe are likely to share a password with someone they know [2].

We can go on and on with similar facts and figures but we think we made our point: individual internet users may think they have their cybersecurity covered, yet the hard data points to the opposite.

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Cloud Services: Now a Standard for Businesses

Cloud Services: Now a Standard for Businesses | The pCloud BlogCloud storage, whether it is in the public or private space, is a major jump for a lot of people who are apprehensive about new technology. Online storage and file sharing is an exciting concept, but the security and reliability are still question marks for many managers. There is also the concern of what is cloud technology offering their business that they can’t achieve with a strong on-base storage facilities and a skilled IT guy.

The real question, however, is not so much about the benefits you might get, but about the disadvantages you suffer by passing on cloud storage. The first movers have already established their business processes with online file storage and have achieved real operational benefits from cloud service solutions. The benchmarks have been set by companies looking to reduce variable costs and improve their output, and managers left behind will soon see their customers disappearing into the cloud too.

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5,000,000 Users and Counting

pCloud reaches 5 million users

June has been a crazy-busy and wonderful month at the pCloud HQ:

First we received a couple of awards we were quite excited about.

Тhen we enjoyed an awesome team-building retreat in the mountain.

Right about the same time, we moved to a bigger office space to accommodate the growing pCloud team.

After that, we got some great news from the Google Play Store: the pCloud app for Android has been downloaded more than 500,000 times – so half a million Android users are relying in pCloud for their photos, videos and files. Woohoo!

And last but not least, we reached a new milestone for the service: 5 million users. Five million! That’s roughly the population of Denmark!

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Get even more flexibility with pCloud’s new iPhone update

pCloud 1.18.0 for iOS is finally here

With our latest update, you can now find pCloud in your sandbox, whenever you need to attach a photo, video or any other awesome file you have. You’re welcome.
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Download speed test: pCloud vs. Dropbox

Download speed test: pCloud 3 times faster than Dropbox

Just recently we shared our excitement about the improved upload speed that we offer. We achieved that through a network of collocated proxy servers and an entirely new data transfer protocol – we call it PUDP – which we developed in-house.

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