How to plan an awesome vacation with pCloud


Summer’s the perfect time to kick off your vacation plans in full motion and get some well-deserved rest. Sometimes, however, the stress of turning that long-awaited trip from vision to reality can take away the excitement of exploration. Luckily, with pCloud on your device you can still enjoy the perfect getaway. Just follow these 3 simple summer hacks:
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What is pCloud? [Users explain]

If you actively visit our blog and social channels, you have most likely become a pCloud expert by now. By carefully collecting and listening to your feedback from our recent customer survey, this week we’re sharing pClouders’ answer to the question: “What is pCloud?” Continue reading “What is pCloud? [Users explain]” »

Technology has moved forward: Secure file sharing is now easier than ever


In the not so good old days, when you wanted to share files in a convenient way, email attachments would be your first choice. Yet, that would also mean compromising on the number of docs you send and the level of security you get. Getting the data protection you deserve shouldn’t be a bargain now, should it? Thankfully, technology has moved forward! Now we have a better, more secure solution that doesn’t compromise on usability and file protection! Continue reading “Technology has moved forward: Secure file sharing is now easier than ever” »

3 ways professionals use pCloud for better results


Keeping yourself busy doesn’t always mean kicking your productivity level up as well. If you’re running your own business or are trying to beat project deadlines, you will love what we’ve prepared for you in the following paragraphs. Find out how professionals take advantage of pCloud’s features to get things done the smart way!

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Get ahead of any deadline with this simple formula


Whether you are currently working or studying, there are 2 things that can and will most probably get in the way of your success – deadlines and procrastination. Sadly, the first one is there to stay for a long time, but there is a sure way you can get ahead of latter one and finish your job on time! Just follow this simple formula.

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2+ million users trust pCloud!

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Less than two years ago a team of enthusiastic young IT professionals launched a service that is now a favorite among cloud users worldwide!

We’re more than happy to announce that over 2 000 000 people all around the world trust pCloud with their files. During the last 20 months we have been working hard to provide an excellent and reliable place for your most important files, by placing your wishes as top priority. Our hard work, however, has only just began! We have more surprises for you, coming up in the near future!

What drives pCloud forward?


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How to use pCloud Drive like a pro for gaming


Hey, pClouders, you remember our exclusive desktop application pCloud Drive, right? You can use it to turn your cloud space into a virtual drive and work on your files without taking your PC’s storage. But did you know that with pCloud Drive you can save your game progress and play from different computers flawlessly? Continue reading “How to use pCloud Drive like a pro for gaming” »

Get the most out of your collaboration with pCloud Notifications

Whether you are a pCloud Business user or your personal files reside in pCloud, you will fall in love with this new feature! Get notifications for every change your teammates make to your files and folders with our pCloud Notifications.
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